Salerm© Control Exfoliant Shampoing 9oz

Salerm© Control Exfoliant Shampoing 9oz


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Shock treatment for dandruff problems

Corrects the problem of dandruff from the first wash

Control Exfoliant Shampoing is a specific shock treatment in the form of shampoo + peeling with specific assets that help control dandruff

Effective from the first wash, you will notice your hair cleaner and brighter, free of dandruff.

Control Exfoliant Shampoing is composed of a combination of extra soft scrub to remove adhered dandruff from hair and scalp.


Use daily at the beginning of treatment. Then combine it with the Stop to relaxshampoo . Massage a few minutes with the fingertips so that the exfoliating effect eliminates the adhered dandruff. Leave on for a few minutes to act the active ingredients and rinse.

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