Salerm© Controle Gras Shampoing 9oz

Salerm© Controle Gras Shampoing 9oz


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Shock treatment for oily hair

Keeps hair clean for longer

Controle Gras Shampoing is a fast acting, specific treatment shampoo with active agents selected to help control scalp oiliness and clean hair.

The effects are apparent from the first wash. Hair is noticeably cleaner and stays cleaner for longer and is esthetically more appealing.

Controle Gras Shampoing is composed of a cleansing base, vegetable extracts and other specific, active agents with demonstrated effectiveness in sebum control


Wet hair. Apply a quantity of shampoo and wash without massaging. Rinse well and repeat, leaving on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water. Alternate with Stop to Relax.

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