Salerm© Decoviolet 17.6oz

Salerm© Decoviolet 17.6oz


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Controlled and progressive lightening

Lifts the color of sensitized hair by up to 3 levels

Decoviolet is a lightener than lifts color by up to 3 levels in a controlled and progressive manner. Ideal for pre-blond application lightening as its natural oat extract ensures extreme hair care even on very sensitized hair.

Add a vial of Shade Correcting Oil to increase its conditioning power.


Place a measure of Decoviolet in a clean non-metallic bowl. Add the contents of one Shade Correcting Oil vial. Blend with the aid of a spatula to form an even lightening paste. Add up to 3,6oz of cream developer, 10 (3%), 20 (6%), 30 (9%), 40 (12%) or Perhoxyl.


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