Salerm© Absolut Evolution Neutral Mask 33.8oz

Salerm© Absolut Evolution Neutral Mask 33.8oz


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Fast and complete straightening treatment

Step 2 neutralization for long-lasting straightening

Evolution Neutral Mask Absolut Evolution 3.0 is a neutralizing cream that stabilizes and ‘sets’ the cystine links for long-lasting straightness. It cares for and conditions the hair to offer a nourished result that’s soft and shiny.

Absolut Evolution 3.0 is a permanent straightening treatment that acts on the hair’s surface and cortex and incorporates the latest technology in straightening treatments. It eliminates curl formation, modifying the hair structure and leaving it shiny, soft and strong. Its formula makes it possible to obtain good results without the need to use a flat iron or any form of heat before neutralization, reducing application time.


After rinsing off step 1, blow dry using just your hairs then flat iron. You can also achieve good results without heat, but the result won’t be so straight. Wear gloves and apply to small sections then comb straight. Leave to process for 10 minutes before rinsing off with plenty of water.

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