Salerm© Golden Range Protein Balsam 17.3oz

Salerm© Golden Range Protein Balsam 17.3oz


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Salerm Cosmetics Golden Range Protein Balsam - Restores the natural balance of damaged hair. This may be damage caused by atmospheric factors as well as chemically treated hair. Whatever the cause this balsam,rich in active conditioning agents immediately restores the hair's soft feel,liveliness and shine. Perfect for all hair types.

Selective polymers: a combination of conditioners and polymers that help to keep the product’s repairing agents in contact with the hair as long as possible in order to restore the hair’s natural properties and recover its healthy appearance.

Initial notes of aromatic citrics that evolve into spicy floral notes.

Apply to clean damp hair. Massage gently for a few moments before rinsing off with plenty of warm water.

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