Salerm© HD Fantasy Colors Fluorine Mystic Blue 5.0oz


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HD Colors Fluor - Semi-Permanent

Hair that shines with its own light! Semi-permanent hair color that glows in the dark HD Colors Fluor glows in the dark, acheiving a neon effect under ultra-violet or black light to make them stand out on their own. Amazing results!

HD Colors Fluor is a hair color concept that cares and repairs for hair as it contains no ammonia (or substitutes), doensn’t have an alkaline pH and doesn’t require peroxides to work. They also contain a conditioning polymer, derived from cellulose, that uses the same magnetic effect as the color pigments to adhere itself to the hair fiber and produce a repairing effect, drastically reducing frizz and making hair easier to comb and style afterwards.

HD Colors use magnetic effect hair color pigments which are physically drawn from the cuticle and anchored within the hair’s core for immaculate and long-lasting results.

Apply HD Colors Fluor to dry hair and comb or massage thoroughly. Place the required amount into a plastic bowl. Apply to the hair, 0,4 in from the scalp and work evenly to the ends.

Recommended exposure time is 30 minutes at room temperature and 20-25 minutes under an infrared heat lamp. If hair is very stubborn we recommend using a plastic cap and increasing exposure time.

The use of heat is optional.

Finally, rinse or wash with cold water and dry as usual. We recommend using Bitrat Citric Balance to prolong color duration.

5 fluor tones + 1 neutral tone for pastels

Semi-permanent hair color

High-definition Color Technology

Repairs and cares for hair

Ammonia free, non-alkaline pH, no peroxide

Exposure time: 30 minutes

150 ml (5,4 oz)

HD Colors Fluor is available in 5 fluor tones with 1 neutral tone to make you stand out. The colors can be combined to make totally new colors!


Greater than oxidation hair color, because the direct color pigments used in HD Colors prevent the interference often experienced with oxidation color pigments (cross-reactions).


Of the hair structure. This hair color does not require ammonia, peroxide or other developers. It doesn’t contain parabens or PPD and this prevents itchiness or allergies in people with sensitive skin.


Thanks to its repairing formula it conditions and hydrates the hair to leave it especially shiny.


Greatly superior to any other direct hair color on the market, lasting up to 45 washes thanks to its magnetic effect which traps and maintains the color properties.


The colors can be mixed in any way imaginable to achieve any color at all, as well as the Clear color option which opens up an even greater spectrum of possibilities allowing you to create any color combination you can imagine.

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