Salerm© Hi Repair Mask 33.8oz

Salerm© Hi Repair Mask 33.8oz


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Salerm Hi Repair Mask - Botox for Hair! Makes soft, silky and renewed hair from root to tip possible, without oily residues. The second step in the Hi Repair rejuvenation system. Makes progressive hair hydration a reality thanks to the effective penetration of its active components. For effective all-round repair of the hair cuticle.

Hydrolyzed keratin: protein that works on rebuilding the hair from the inside.
Silk proteins: maximum hair repair efficiency.
A betaina-oxido amina-sarcosinato surfactant complex: for maximum delicacy in hair cleanliness and care.

An extremely fruity top note that gives way to a light floral edge.

Apply to clean damp hair. Massage gently for three minutes then rinse off with plenty of warm water.

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