Salerm© Hi Repair Shampoo 33.8oz

Salerm© Hi Repair Shampoo 33.8oz


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Salerm Hi Repair Shampoo Gives your hair the rejuvenating treatment, Salerm Hi Repair improves the hairs' condition and manageability and it enhances the natural shine.

The shampoo gets to work from the moment it comes into contact with the hair, rebuilding and conditioning from the inside. Salerm Hi Repair Shampoo is the first step of the Salerm treatment, cleans and cares for badly treated, damaged hair. Keratin conditioners add hydration, strength, and shine. Follow the three steps of treatment for best results.

FORMULA Hydrolyzed keratin: protein that works on rebuilding the hair from the inside. Silk proteins: maximum hair repair efficiency. A betaina-oxido amina-sarcosinato surfactant complex: for maximum delicacy in hair cleanliness and care.

PERFUME An extremely fruity top note that gives way to a light floral edge.

USE Wet the hair. Apply the shampoo. Massage gently making sure to reach all areas. Rinse well with warm water.


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