Salerm© Keratin Shot Co-Wash 16.9oz

Salerm© Keratin Shot Co-Wash 16.9oz


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Keratin Shot Co-Wash Hair Straightening 

Keratin Shot Co-wash is a professional straightening treatment with low-molecular-weight hydrolyzed keratin that acts as a shampoo and conditioner effectively reducing application to one simple, 20-minute step.

Our co-wash formula works in just one simple step, allowing you to wash your hair thanks to its composition containing mega-conditioning agents with cleansing properties that boost the straightening action of its active ingredients. This way, application time is reduced to one sole rinse, dry and flat iron unlike other, existing keratin straighteners which require two washes, two blow-dries and one flat iron.

Keratin Shot Co-wash offers a progressive straightening effect that improves upon successive applications but with visible results from the very first use and lasting up to 4 months.

Contains neutralizing pigments which work as a toner on the brassy hues typically produced by straightening treatments, especially evident on lighter hair.


. If hair is very dirty, wash first (shampoo only, no conditioner) then remove as much moisture as possible with a towel. We recommend using co-wash for this step if hair is not excessively dirty. If hair needs deeper cleaning use Keratin Shot shampoo.

. Split the hair into 4 sections and apply the product (Keratin Shot Co-Wash) to fine sections with the help of a comb and gloves, then massage with hands to emulsify.

. Leave to work for 20 to 40 minutes.

. Rinse with water. Don’t use shampoo or conditioner.

. Use a hair dryer to totally remove any moisture while brushing thoroughly (important for optimum results), then separate into fine strands and flat iron, as many times as necessary according to the hair’s condition (410ºF virgin hair and 374ºF damaged hair). 6 to 10 times per strand is recommendable.

. To finish, apply a small amount of Keratin Shot Serum to seal the treatment and prolong its effect. Use for maintenance along with Keratin Shot Maintenance Shampoo and Deep Impact Plus Mask.

. Don’t wash or get hair wet during the following 24 hours.



Keratin Shot Co-wash is a hair care and repair product which can be used weekly or fortnightly as a maintenance treatment:

This process allows you to achieve a progressive effect and conserve the straight effect of other keratin products as part of regular washing and drying routine, reducing the need for frequent salon visits. It may be applied weekly or every 15 days.

. Substitute your regular washing and conditioning products for Keratin Shot Co-wash.

. Apply the appropriate amount (0,35 – 0,53 oz) and massage gently to emulsify the product well and activate its cleansing base.

. Leave on to work for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse off with water.

. Dry / flat iron as usual.

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