Salerm© Keratin Shot Keramix 0.44oz x 12 vials


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Salerm Cosmetics presents Keramix, which when mixed with the Keratin Shot treatment quickly eliminates frizz and makes straight styling so much easier, faster and longer-lasting. It also noticeably improves softness, shine and bounce.

The Keramix vial contains argan oil, natural fruit acids, lemon juice, cotton oil and other components designed to protect and hydrate the hair. This latest development in hair care can only be used with Keratin Shot and improves the hair’s condition, the treatment’s capacity to reduce volume and makes straight styling so much easier. No need to wait before washing and styling the hair as usual.

The Keratin Shot + Kermix system is based on the partial and temporary modification of part of the hair’s bonds found in the cortex, This system components contain no formaldehyde or derivatives. The Keramix vial is for professional use only. The Keratin Shot + Keramix vial treatment lasts up to 3 to 4 months as long as the maintenance products are used.

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