Salerm© Keratin Shot Serum 3.38oz

Salerm© Keratin Shot Serum 3.38oz


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Salerm Keratin Shot Serum
Spray your hair with this serum for extraordinarily intensive conditioning and instant shine. The final phase in the Keratin Shot and Absolut treatments. Makes drying and styling easier and more comfortable.

Argan and wheat germ oil: two active anti-free radicals that improve the hair’s condition and texture.
Disiloxane: a moisturizing agent that softens the hair making it easier to style.

Extremely fruity top notes dominated by citric scents blended with a gentle touch of
strawberry and rose with a base of balsam,vanilla and chocolate.

Spray the serum in short bursts directly onto damp hair. Then dry using a hairdryer or iron. Can be applied to dry hair in small quantities for a touch of added shine.

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