Salerm© Relaxer Straightening


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Perfect straightening even on afro hair

A straightening system that's kind to hair

Salerm Relaxer is the straightening system recommended for afro hair. It offers optimum results for flowing, shiny and exceptionally silky hair thanks to its caring composition.

Salerm Relaxer includes all the products necessary for straightening Protector, neutralizing shampoo, straightening cream and finishing touch sealing conditioner. Available in four different strengths for each hair type: normal, gentle, strong and super.


Apply the protector to the areas where the cream may come into contact with the skin. Apply the cream, in sections, without touching the scalp. Leave on for the developing time. Rinse well.

Apply the neutralizing shampoo. Rinse. Apply again and lather for at least 3 minutes. Rinse well and condition with the Wheat Germ mask or Citric Balance.

Lastly apply Sealing Shine and dry.

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