Salerm© Gray Hair Shampoo 8.4oz

Salerm© Gray Hair Shampoo 8.4oz


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Eliminates unwanted brassy tones

Hydrate and nourish the hair fibers

Shampoo that eliminates yellow tones from white, blond and/or lightened hair restoring radiance, shine and a healthy appearance.

Arginine and essential amino-acids hydrate and nourish the hair fibers. Combines different color pigments to achieve the exact violet tone which neutralizes brassiness and leaves gray looking cared-for and healthy.


Its formula contains essential amino acids like arginine to add strength, vigor and give hair a hydrating boost.

It also contains natural skin moisturizers like Sodium PCA and Sodium Lactate which make up a part of the skins Natural Moisturizing Factor or NMF.


Apply a small amount of the product to wet hair and work into a lather. Rinse well. Repeat as necessary to achieve the desired hue. Don’t leave on for too long to avoid color overload.

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