hair evolution© Shaving Serum

hair evolution©

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Shaving Serum is a unique serum formula that softens the skin and hair for an ultra-close shave without irritating the skin.  Shaving Serum provides maximum slip, which helps the blade glide and maintain a sharp edge, preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs.  It is a hypoallergenic formula containing Aloe Vera Extract.  The Aloe Vera Extract is a natural skin conditioner that allows Shaving Serum to be non-irritating and soothing to the face; restoring natural moisture and balance of the skin.  Shaving Serum is enriched with HE Synergy Botanical Blend, which contains skin hydrating botanical to help soothe the skin.  It allows for an ultimate smooth razor glide and deeply revitalizes skin for a smooth and close shave.

Benefits:  Hypoallergenic Formula, Irritation Free, Prevents Razor Burn, Hydrates Skin


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