Suavecito© SHAVE KIT

Suavecito© SHAVE KIT


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All of our shave products in one box!

Pre-Shave Oil

Made with 100% natural essential oils and plant ingredients, this genius oil-based blend allows for an ultra-glide shaving experience unlike any other product. Together with Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Oil and Jojoba Oil, this combination offers remarkable protection against the harshness of a blade.

Shaving Cream

A rich and silky shaving creme that is an excellent way to prepare your beard or 'stache for a close and pleasant shave. It will soften the whiskers for a smooth glide and comfortable shave that leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and nourished. Wash face then gently rub this fine shaving creme with your fingers into beard. NO BRUSH NEEDED. Cleanses without the harshness of soap! Comes in a huge 8 oz. tub!

Bay Rum Aftershave

A bottle of old fashioned bay rum after shave! Get that great just out of the barber's chair scent and feel when you splash some of this on your cheeks after a cool shave. Natural Bay Oil soothes and refreshes your skin after a shave with a small bite that is reminiscent of days now gone. Shake a generous amount onto your palms, pat hands together and apply to shaven area. Bringing back the tradition! Comes in a fine 4 oz. bottle!

Menthol Aftershave Cream

This is an amazing skin moisturizing agent and aftershave creme. It's natural ingredients work to help prevent skin rash and razor burn from shaving and make the skin feel smooth and ultra-soft! Just what you were looking for! Smooth this stuff on with your fingers and work it well into the skin. Remove excess as desired. Rich and Creamy, Natural Menthol and Mint, working in your favor! Comes in a huge 8 oz. tub

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