Suavecito© Suavecita Lipgrips - Matte Liquid Lipstick


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Our lipsticks are here to allow your true beauty to shine. Made with a lightweight formula that will never feel heavy or obtrusive on your lips, it will move with you during the day as if it wasn't even there. They give you a deep rich color that lasts, while also delivering wonderful moisture to your lips.

Application is super easy and it dries quickly allowing you to get on with it rather than spend time ensuring everything is perfect. We wanted it to be effortless to get you looking your best because really it's just that - a highlight of your beauty and not your beauty itself. That comes naturally.

Tenacity - a magnificent shade of mauve with a hint of pink that will give you the power to get it done. What 'it' is doesn't matter, what matters only is that you now have the confidence to achieve what you set out for yourself.

Valor - a crimson red that is as bright as your inner spirit. Let your spirit guide you and show you the way. It is strong and knows the path, trust it.

Dauntless - a grey brown with purple undertones that will inspire you to never show fear and maintain your determination no matter what happens in life.

Fortitude - burgundy dark red with cool undertones. Wear it and step out there into the world moving forward with no qualms about anything. It better this way.

Reina - a blackened purple with blue undertones that is just as much mysterious as it is enticing. Be the queen of your world and do as you wish with it.

Cupid's Bow - our brightest, truest red. This color makes a powerful statement and will immediately draw everyone’s eyes to your perfect pout.

Devoted - a deep blood red with rusty brown undertones. This color looks great on every skin tone and gives you that ultimate touch of glamour.

  • Incredibly deep matte color
  • Easy to wear and easy to apply
  • Lightweight moisture rich formula
  • Lasts all day without cracking
  • Vegan and cruelty, paraben and gluten free

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