Via© Book "Gem Water"

Via© Book "Gem Water"


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Book: "Gem Water" 

A Practice Manual about Gemstone Water

100 Crystals in Effect and Use

Sardonyx water to treat tinnitus, chrysoprase water for detoxication and purification, emerald water against infection, aquamarine water against allergies… The list of gemstone waters that are successfully used to treat discomforts and diseases is long and continuously growing! While the external use, wear, and application of healing crystals dominated the method of crystal healing for a long time, nowadays many people also turn towards internal use of gemstone elixir and gemstone water. Gemstones are also used to improve the drinking water quality.

Many households use water jars with the basic mixture of amethyst, rock crystal, and rose quartz that was initially propagated in the “Fliege-Talkshow.” Another favored composition is the colored calcite, which is supposed to stimulate the intestinal tract. After covering a few brief basics, the gemstones which are excluded from use due to their toxic or harmful dispensation are explicitly named, followed by 100 crystals from A – Z with their specific effects. While this book is not imperative for the readers of the more comprehensive text “Gemstone Water” by the same authors, it sure will serve as an easy and still well-founded access into the subject matter for novices.

Brochure, colored, 94 pages

Language: English

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