Via© GemStone Vial Vino


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    VitaJuwel - Vino

    (amethyst - clear quartz))

    The ancient Greek knew about the fascinating attributes of gems and infused their wine with amethysts to improve its taste. Amethyst means “the non-intoxicable” in classical Greek. Well, “Vino“ won‘t prevent you from getting drunk, but the difference in taste of the wine after being treated by „Vino“ is absolutely amazing: While preserving a wine’s fruity aroma, the tannins are usually perceived to be a lot smoother and more pleasant. „Vino“ contains amethyst and rock crystal. Its uniquely curved surface makes the vial a true masterpiece.

    Get the full wine set! In order to celebrate a great wine properly, we created a uniquely shaped wine decanter. Handcrafted in Europe, it is an exquisite masterpiece. Fill it with a bottle of wine, place the VitaJuwel Vino inside, wait for 7 minutes and pour yourself and your friends a glass. You‘ll be amazed!

    The VitaJuwel Vino wand and the VitaJuwel wine decanter are sold separately. This product does not include the VitaJuwel wine decanter.

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