WaveBuilder©  Deep Wave Performing Pomade 3oz

WaveBuilder© Deep Wave Performing Pomade 3oz


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WaveBuilder Deep Wave pomade is easy to use and rinses cleanly out. It's fortified with protein and amino acid, which aids in strengthening the hair. The Deep Wave forming pomade lets you build, create, hold and define waves.

WaveBuilder Deep Wave, Wave-Forming Pomade:

  • Easy to use
  • WaveBuilder Deep Wave forming pomade is protein and amino acid fortified for serious wave-training power
  • Rub small amount between hands and massage throughout hair and scalp, brush hair vigorously
  • Strong, sleek formulation helps strengthen hair
  • 3 oz container of WaveBuilder Deep Wave pomade
  • Rinses out cleanly after use
  • The more you train the more waves you get
  • Provides the foundation for all wave building and pattern developments
  • Deep Wave keeps hair laid in place and provides the base layer for the training of the actual strands of hair

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